5 things to think about before you look for a tutor to support your child

Private tutoring has emerged as a burgeoning industry, with parents investing hundreds of billions of dollars annually for a tutor to support. However, the question arises – is it truly worthwhile? And with the myriad of options available, how can one make an informed decision? If you’re contemplating hiring a tutor, here are three crucial considerations.
Drawing from my extensive experience as a former Head of Science, current inspector in Science education, and a seasoned private tutor in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics for students ranging from age 6 to university level, I offer the following recommendations:

Assess the Situation

When you detect a problem in your child’s learning take a step back and assess the whole situation. “A child falling behind could be due to a variety of things. The last thing you should do is rush into hiring a tutor in the hope that they will solve the problem. Instead diagnose and determine the root cause. Could it be possible that your child is fatigued or perhaps he needs to go to bed sooner, and you should enforce bedtime restrictions more strictly. Maybe they have an undiagnosed learning need. Talk to your child as well as his teacher for their opinion of the situation.

Make your objective specific

Are you hiring a tutor to support your child with an exam or is it a long term goal of instilling a love and passion for the subject? The goal is important, and should be communicated with your tutor so that they can plan accordingly and you can measure their performance appropriately. Once this has been established, move on to communicating your objectives with your tutor and ask them for their opinion. They can assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, prepare individualized lessons, and you can discuss a path forward.

Don’t forget about the free options

There are Learning Centers like Discover Learning Tutors that offer free trial classes. This gives the student the opportunity to feel out the tutor and make sure that it is the right person for them. In addition, you will get the opportunity to discuss with a professional your child’s learning needs and come up with an appropriate plan that will support your child moving forward. Learning Centers also have a number of teachers in their books so if the tutor is not working for your child, you have the option to request a change.


Successful tutors pay attention and engage with parents early and often. Student achievement depends on effective communication and collaboration with all stakeholders. When tutors focus on goal-setting, benchmarking, and planning backwards, students are better prepared to succeed academically. Successful tutors collaborate with parents to co-create tailored learning plans with their students in order to gain input from key individuals in their students’ life and map a better path to success and accountability.

Subject knowledge

Tutors that are successful have a specific area of expertise. Learning needs to be made relevant, and interesting to progress a student forward. Such tutors are experts in their academic content; they know the subject’s concepts, ideas and problems inside out. Ask your tutor for their experience and qualifications and how they plan to engage your child.


As parents, we understand the importance of providing our children with the best educational opportunities. However, if your child experiences anxiety or discomfort during their tuition lessons, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Raise your concerns with the tutor and assess if the situation improves. If not, it may be a clear indication that finding a different tutor would be more beneficial for your child’s learning experience.
Reputable tutoring centers like Discover Learning in Motor City, recognize the time constraints faced by working parents in their pursuit of finding the right tutor for their child. That’s why they have streamlined the process, making it easier for busy parents to access exceptional tutors who deliver tangible results. Their goal is to alleviate the stress and burden often associated with this task, allowing you to focus on providing the best for your child.
If you’re interested in exploring their services further, visit www.discoverlearningtutors.com. Their dedicated team will be happy to provide you with detailed information and guide you through the process of finding the perfect tutor to support your child’s academic journey.

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