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We have four fixed packages Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our package prices which include VAT are fixed for this academic year. During certain periods, we will have other package promotions, offers and discounts. These are not combinable or transferrable.


Should you require tailor-made packages, we can discuss these, however, these would only be possible for bookings that exceed the Platinum package offers.


We recommend that you visit us at the Centre so we can have a more interactive and personalized assessment. However, we can assess over videoconferencing and we can arrange this for you if you prefer. Any assessment arranged with the student will be done with the prior agreement that a package and package price are agreed upon and are acceptable to the client. Upon the completion of the assessment, you select your package and pay in advance for the lessons.


We will arrange an assessment time that is suitable for both parties. The assessment is not a full lesson and the objective of the assessment is to thoroughly assess each student and agree on a set of targets with the student and/or parent. We will endeavor to schedule an appointment at the earliest opportunity that is convenient for you; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to arrange a time immediately or of your preferred choice. We will schedule a mutually convenient time for both parties.


Lessons are booked and paid for in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer, checque, cash or credit card. After the free assessment, we will issue an invoice for the chosen package and this will need to be paid before the first lesson.


The first paid lesson of any package is conducted on a trial basis. Should you not wish to continue for any reason, Discover Learning will refund the cost of the remaining lessons.
Variation of fees and services:
Fees may be changed, and the services we offer can be added to or withdrawn at any time. However, fees will not be varied during a course or other service in progress. Discover Learning will give at least two weeks advance notice to all clients in the event of a change in the structure or price of our services.


Please consider lessons to be non-reschedulable and non-refundable. Silver, Gold & Platinum packages offer different free reschedules, however, these must be pre-arranged and communicated 48 hours before the lesson. If communicated on the same day, it will be a fully charged lesson and no refund will be provided.


Students should aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start of their lesson. Any student who arrives late will be given the remainder of their lesson. Any student who is running late for a lesson will be expected to call or text to give an estimated arrival time.


All students are responsible for their own personal belongings. Discover Learning will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.


In the interests of the well-being of a student whilst in the teacher’s care, the centre must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.


Students must always abide by the rules and regulations of Discover Learning. Parents and guardians are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the education process by encouraging students and respecting our staff. Should a student cause any damage to the centre’s property, parents or guardians are to be held responsible for compensation including full costs of repair. Students are expected to observe and act upon the lesson timetable and must attend all classes on time. Students must enter and exit the centre premises quietly and sensibly to avoid disturbance to others. Workbooks, exercise books and task sheets are given by the centre are to be kept neat, tidy and presentable.


For Platinum packages, students can contact teachers outside the lesson to seek support. Parents will receive a username and password for our online portal and any questions will be answered by the teachers within 48 hours.


We know that different things work for different children, it’s all about finding the right way to spark your child’s interest and engage them in their learning. Although we have the experience of working with many different children. We reserve the right to offer a refund on unclaimed hours, if we cannot effectively support your child to succeed.

Discover Learning reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as and when necessary.

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