Math Class Term 3 Discover Learning Tutors

Calling all young minds aged 4-12! Embark on an exhilarating mathematical journey with our ‘Maths Mania’ course, where learning becomes an adventure like never before. Our engaging activities, from interactive games to creative puzzles, transform the perception of math into an absolute blast.

Designed to captivate and educate, ‘Maths Mania’ goes beyond traditional learning, fostering the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Through a variety of exercises and real-world scenarios, students are equipped with the tools they need for academic success and beyond.

Collaborative activities and group projects create an interactive and supportive learning environment, reinforcing mathematical concepts while encouraging teamwork. The course introduces algebraic concepts, providing a solid foundation for solving equations and preparing students for advanced mathematical studies.

Explore the world of geometry, covering points, lines, angles, and shapes, setting the stage for a comprehensive understanding of geometric principles. Additionally, ‘Math Mania’ includes practical data analysis, ensuring students gain proficiency in statistical measures and graph interpretation for real-world applications.

Join us on this exciting mathematical adventure at ‘Math Mania.’ Enroll now to unlock the fun, fascinating, and mind-boggling aspects of math that will leave your child wanting more!


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