Arabic Language – 7 reasons to learn the language of the future!

Mastering the Arabic language offers immense advantages for non-native speakers, extending far beyond enhancing job prospects. As one of the world’s oldest living languages, Arabic boasts a rich heritage tracing back to the 1st-4th centuries AD. Its unique terms and vast vocabulary, spoken by around 400 million people globally, make it a captivating linguistic treasure.

Learning new languages unlocks doors to extraordinary cultural experiences and broadens one’s worldview. Arabic, in particular, grants access to a civilization steeped in profound traditions, enchanting literature, and influential philosophical and scientific contributions throughout history. By acquiring this profound tongue, non-native speakers can forge connections with diverse communities, facilitating intellectual and personal growth.

While English solidified its position as the official working language of the United Nations General Assembly in 1973, Arabic’s enduring relevance cannot be overlooked. Mastering this ancient yet vibrant language equips individuals with a powerful tool for cross-cultural communication and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

25 countries speak “Arabic”

“Arabic” is the official language of more than 25 Arab countries and has about 277 million speakers. These countries have a combined GDP of $2.5 trillion, which means that studying their mother tongue will open up opportunities for travel, work and exploration in all of those countries.

High demand for those speakers Arabic

The Arabic language is a requirement in many countries, and if you speak Arabic fluently or have a level of reading, writing and speaking skills in it, it gives you an advanced opportunity to apply for certain jobs.

Learn about its history and civilizations

Learning any language with historical roots provides its students with access to diverse worlds, immersing themselves in the rich history and foundations of different civilizations. Learning a language allows you to delve deeper into the culture and traditions of the countries in which you speak, so mastering “Arabic” is a window into a culture that is often misunderstood and distorted. So the more I know about it, the more willing I am to educate people about Arabs.

Easy to travel to Arabic-speaking countries

If you are someone who enjoys traveling far away then studying Arabic is definitely the perfect choice. By mastering the “Language of Da’ad letter”, you can easily tour more than 22 Arabic-speaking countries and learn about their landmarks and cultures.

Promote intercultural understanding

If you are fortunate enough to travel or study abroad in an Arabic-speaking country, once you are a foreigner you will become an ‘ambassador’ and begin to promote intercultural understanding.

Ease of understanding other languages

Arabic is related to other languages of the world, so its knowledge gives you flexibility in accessing a number of languages and an easier time to learn them, such as Persian, Turkish, Urdu and others, because the dictionaries of these languages are similar or from the same root of Arabic words.

Learn about the second largest religion in the world

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and the first in the Arab world. It is a way of life for millions. So when you study Arabic, you also gain insight into Islamic beliefs and traditions.

At Discover Learning, we specialize in offering Arabic language instruction tailored for non-native speakers. Our sessions are conducted by highly qualified teachers certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), ensuring a superior learning experience.

Due to high demand and our commitment to maintaining an optimal teacher-to-student ratio, enrollment spaces are limited. We understand the immense value of mastering the Arabic language, which extends far beyond mere linguistic proficiency. Through our well-structured curriculum and engaging teaching methods, our students gain a profound appreciation for the rich cultural heritage interwoven with this ancient tongue.

Our KHDA-qualified instructors, who are experts in their field, guide learners through the intricacies of Arabic, fostering both fluency and a deeper comprehension of the nuances that make this language truly captivating. Secure your spot in our esteemed Arabic language program today, as availability is limited due to the exceptional quality of our instruction and our dedication to providing a personalized learning environment. Unlock a world of opportunities by embarking on your Arabic language journey with Discover Learning.

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