Arabic Course Term 3 Discover Learning Tutors

Embark on a cultural and linguistic journey with our Arabic Language Foundation Course starting on April 13, 2024. Tailored for ages 4-12, from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM is designed to provide a strong foundation in the Arabic language while building a profound love for the culture and heritage of the Arab world.

The course encompasses the essentials, including an introduction to the Arabic alphabet and script, mastery of basic and intermediate vocabulary and grammar rules, and conversation practice to enhance speaking and listening skills. Immerse in cultural lessons to understand the Arab world’s customs, traditions, and the broader community.

Reinforce language skills with reading and writing exercises, ensuring a well-rounded proficiency in Arabic. Make learning enjoyable with interactive activities and engaging games, creating a dynamic and fun language-learning experience.

Classes are delivered by KHDA-qualified teachers affiliated with top schools in the UAE, ensuring expert guidance and a curriculum aligned with educational standards. The cost for the full course is 2600 AED, with each lesson lasting 2 hours.

Secure your child’s spot now for this enriching Arabic Language Foundation Course. For inquiries or to enroll, contact us today!


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