Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is each lesson?

All our lessons are 1 hour or more.

Do you charge for the initial enquiry?

No. We do not charge for any enquiries relating to our packages.

Do you charge VAT?

All of our package prices are exclusive of VAT.

Do I have to come to the centre to do a free assessment?

Our recommendation is that you visit the centre so that we can have a more interactive and personalised assessment.

Where are your tutors from?

All our tutors are qualified teachers & subject matter experts with teaching experience in the UK, or equivalent.

Are the resources included?

Yes. All workbooks, exam papers, learning materials and stationery are supplied by Discover Learning.

Do you support children with educational needs?

We know that every child’s strengths and challenges are different. If your child is diagnosed with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), we tailor our curriculum and approach to best meet their educational needs. However, this depends on the needs of the child and other factors. Please get in touch with our centre and we can arrange a meeting to discuss.

Where are you located?

We are located in Motor City, Apex Atrium, Floor 2, 209
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