Chess Classes Term 3 Discover Learning Tutors

Ignite a passion for strategy and critical thinking with our Chess Champion’s Club, welcoming students aged 4 and above on weekend. Our Champion’s Club is more than a chess program; it’s a platform designed to develop critical thinking and strategic skills through the timeless game of chess.

Embark on the chess journey with a comprehensive introduction covering rules, basic strategies, and tactics, establishing a solid foundation for chess proficiency. Dive deeper into the game’s intricacies with a detailed study of openings, middle game plans, and endgame techniques, equipping students for strategic and analytical play.

Explore the language of chess with notation and delve into the analysis of famous games, providing insights into historical strategies and renowned chess matches. Uncover the rich history and evolution of chess, gaining a deeper appreciation for the game’s cultural and strategic significance.

Enhance skills through hands-on learning with practice games, puzzles, and simulations, promoting a practical understanding of chess concepts. Foster teamwork through collaborative activities and group projects, such as team chess matches and group analysis of games, creating a supportive and engaging chess community.

Classes are delivered by a qualified teacher, ensuring expert guidance and a curriculum designed to nurture a love for chess and analytical thinking. 

Enroll your child now in the Chess Champion’s Club and let the strategic and analytical journey begin! Contact us for more information or to secure a spot.


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