Learning to Code: Developing Computational and Logical Thinking Through Game Creation

Learning to code: Explore how, in our digitally connected world, the rise of technology-driven societies emphasizes the importance of teaching coding in the early years of child development. Governments worldwide are recognizing the significance of coding skills in fostering an understanding of technology.

Decoding Success: The Crucial Role of Learning to Code

The first part of Coding requires problem solving and as such Coding gives children the ability to solve problems in a logical and creative way. A very useful skill indeed! We all want our children to become excellent problem solvers so that they can overcome adversity.

The second part of Coding requires the ability to bounce back from failure. Children learn that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in fact, it can often be something positive because it serves as a learning opportunity. When Children fail and try again they can learn from their mistakes. Coding gives children the ability to try and try again until they succeed and produce the result they are looking for. They learn quickly that ‘debugging’ your code is half the fun.

The third part of coding requires strategic decision making, the child programmer has to decide whether to use sequence, selection or iteration segments in their code. This is a skill that can only be developed from an early age and as such parents are across the world are looking to support and suppliment childrens’ learning with private tuition and online tuition for their children.

Learning to Code
Learning to Code

Game On: Empowering Learning through Flowlab at Discover Learning Tutors

At Discover Learning Tutors, students use Flowlab (www.flowlab.io) to design and make their own games.

Flowlab is a browser based game creation toolkit. It includes everything required for students to design, build, & program their own games, with no installation needed.

Custom game logic is programmed using the included visual logic builder. The drawing and animation tools enable students to design their own game art.

Provides a student led experience, where students can build and learn at their own pace.

Here are some of the games created by our students.


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