The Rising Demand for Tutoring in Dubai

Tutoring in Dubai: Meeting Student Needs:
Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with over 90% of its 3.4 million residents being expatriates from countries around the globe. This diversity is reflected in Dubai’s education sector, which serves students from various nationalities and cultures through multiple school systems. Most schools in Dubai are privately operated, leading to a wide range of curricula and education models.

Prevalence of Private Tutoring in Dubai:

With such a complex education landscape, it’s no surprise that private tutoring has become extremely popular in Dubai. Around 50% of students in Dubai receive some form of private tutoring, with the percentage approaching 90% in certain demographics. This supplementary tutoring mirrors the content taught in schools and is widely referred to as “shadow education.” As curricula change in Dubai’s schools, so do the offerings of tutoring services.

What’s Driving the Demand for Tutoring in Dubai?

The desire for social mobility is the primary driver of demand for private tutoring in Dubai. Education is viewed as the pathway to securing spots in prestigious universities and landing high-paying jobs later in life. High-stakes exams within the school system act as critical evaluation points, causing many families to seek tutoring as exam preparation.

Cultural norms also influence tutoring demand, as receiving private lessons is ingrained in many of Dubai’s cultures. Peer pressure plays a role too, with students feeling they need tutoring because all their classmates are getting it. Teachers actively funnel students toward tutoring as well, either by directly offering paid tutoring services or by broadly suggesting tutoring as a way to catch up or get ahead.

How Does the Supply of Tutoring in Dubai Meet This Demand?

Much of the tutoring supply in Dubai is dictated by schools’ business models. Premium private schools can bundle tutoring services into their high fees, whereas budget schools provide only basic education and require separate payment for supplementary tutoring. Either way, families pay for tutoring indirectly through school fees or directly through tutoring charges.

According to a survey, 49% of students in Dubai had received some form of tutoring in the past year. That number jumped to 70% among Indian curriculum students, likely driven by a cultural emphasis on tutoring. The percentage was lower (38%) among students following UAE Ministry of Education, American, and British curricula.

Not surprisingly, demand for tutoring increased with grade level. 63% of Grade 12 students had received tutoring, compared to just 37% of Grade 9 students. In Indian curriculum schools, 91% of Grade 12 students had been tutored versus 52% of Grade 9 students.

Most tutoring was done face-to-face, with only 3% online. 59% of students were tutored outside of school, while 38% received tutoring at school after hours. Among those tutored at school, 65% received it for free while 35% paid additional fees. A further 3% of students paid for tutoring during school hours.

Tutoring Trends to Watch in Dubai

The tutoring industry will likely continue growing as competition for university spots and jobs increases. More schools may unbundle tutoring from basic fees and charge for it separately. Online tutoring is still a small portion of the market but seems poised to expand.

For expatriate families new to Dubai, navigating the tutoring landscape can be confusing. Many turn to neighborhood Facebook groups or parenting forums to find referrals and recommendations for respected local tutors. Others explore agencies offering home tutoring services that screen and match tutors to students based on needs and compatibility. These agencies provide curriculum expertise and tutoring oversight lacking in more informal arrangements.

The bottom line is that tutoring has become deeply embedded in Dubai’s academic culture. In this fast-paced, highly competitive environment, more students will seek that extra academic boost that tutoring provides. Families wanting to avoid the trial and error of finding an excellent tutor on their own can turn to reputable tutoring companies in Dubai. With experienced tutors available across all grade levels and subjects, tailored one-on-one tutoring offers students the best chance to reach their academic potential.

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